Open-end Yarn Production (Between Ne8 to Ne40)
  Ring Spun Yarn Production (Between Ne16 to Ne80)
  Textile Yarn
  Cotton Yarn
  Melange Yarn
  Viscose Yarn
  Polyester Yarn
  Bambu Yarn
  Combing Yarn

The NİPAŞ Family has managed to become a unique model in the Turkish textile industry with its increasing production capacity, unconditional employee, supplier, customer satisfaction and knowledge accumulation for more than 16 years. Our company, which succeeded in "loading information" on the yarn that it produces with different numbers from different fibers, has become synonymous with not only quality but also trust and stability in both domestic and international markets. With our modern production halls equipped with the latest technology, qualified workforce and strategic marketing approach, we aim to grow day by day and to be a reference center in "yarn production".